Michael Kato is so good he can teach a Deaf person to play guitar - literally. Being Deaf myself I found Mr. Kato to be extremely patient and positive. He asked me lots of questions in order to understand my unique needs better. He understands it’s not how I hear the music, it's how I feel the music. He's helped me to grow musically by leaps and bounds. I look forward to every session with him.
- Steve Laracuente

Michael has been my guitar teacher since August 2000. He has been a superb teacher. It was evident to me very early on in our relationship that Michael has those special gifts that make a person an outstanding teacher. His most notable traits are patience, willingness to listen, and ability to communicate difficult musical concepts in simple terms, great talent, and obvious passion for his chosen profession. He has been able to skillfully guide me toward my musical goals and to help me learn to be more focused and committed to those goals. In addition to being a great teacher, he is a fine person. He is open-minded and concerned about people. Not only can I say without hesitation that he is a good-hearted man, I am sure that he applies this wonderful trait to all endeavors he undertakes.
- Robert Caplan

Every lesson I have had with Michael Kato has incorporated elements of theory, technique, and musicality. He infuses his teaching with a deep love of music and the guitar, out of which grow mutual trust and respect between the student and teacher. Michael has shown me a new musical direction and given me the tools and courage to explore it.
- Doug Slaten

It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Mr. Michael Kato and strongly encourage anyone—regardless of musical background or experience—interested in learning to play the guitar or looking to improve his or her guitar skills to contact him. I am a middle-aged beginning player, with literally no previous musical background, but have wanted to learn to play the guitar for years. Michael was the ideal choice as a teacher. That he is extremely gifted musically is obvious to everyone. More than that, however, Michael is an exceptional teacher as well, effortlessly combining his considerable musical talent with an amazing ability to impart his knowledge and skill to his students regardless of their musical background. He does so with enthusiasm, respect for his students, and a superbly positive attitude that is infectious. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Michael as a teacher and with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever strongly recommend him to anyone in search of an outstanding guitar teacher.
- Mark D. Lawton

I am writing today in reference to "Introduction to the Arts". My name is Cassandra Dunham and I feel privileged to know Michael Kato. In our world, it seems rarer and rarer to find people who purposely look to help others less fortunate than themselves. I have personally accompanied Michael when he was teaching guitar to just such a group of people. I was touched beyond belief, by his incredible heart. The way he spoke with them in soft loving tones. The little personal ways he interjected positive feedback. The way he laughed with each person, as though they had private jokes together. His energy is subtle and infectious. He is indeed a special man who has a most definite path towards healing, teaching and loving people into belonging again...or maybe for the first time in their lives. I would highly recommend Michael's talents and advise anyone who has the wherewithal to donate instruments and or time, in order to assist this humble master so that he may reach as many forgotten people as possible......... with aloha and great admiration,
- Cassandra

Michael Kato is presently my guitar teacher. Since I have been taking lessons from him, I have found him to be a good performer and having a gift for teaching. Beyond his technical ability and knowledge, I feel he has a dedication and caring about his students' needs. I appreciate his patient, kindness and humble personality. I highly recommend him as an excellent teaching model as well as a wonderful person.
- Grace Lee

I played guitar for years, either playing from songbooks or trying to figure them out by ear, usually using basic chord fingerings. When playing or discussing music with others, however, I was frustrated by my inability to communicate, musically in terms of understanding the structure of the music and the terminology used by accomplished players. I started out working with Mike Kato and for the first time began to understand the inner workings of music theory. He has a way of breaking things down in practical terms and illustrating how theory applies on the guitar. His positive attitude and encouragement constantly inspire me to become a better player. If you want to learn from a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated teacher, Michael is your man.
- Joe Bosak

The lessons I received from Michael helped me to not only play guitar better but have a clearer understanding of music.
- Douglas Cross

I never really took any formal guitar lessons till I took the jazz guitar class from Michael Kato. Great class. Great teacher. Michael's easy going teaching style puts you in a comfortable learning environment. Unlike other teachers who just stick to their canned course material, Michael looks at the group and tailors his teaching to match the level and needs of the group. Also the content of the course materials he's shared is not only helping me now, but will allow me to continue learning for many years to come. Thanks Michael!
- Lance Iwami

My husband (Ryan) has wanted to take guitar lessons since I met him almost 9 years ago, but would never sign up for them. For his birthday, I decided to give him a few lessons and he loves them. He gets so excited when he can figure out a song and play for the kids. The only down side is that he is always playing! The kids love it and I'm happy he is doing something he loves. Thank you!
- Kim Yamauchi

Mike Kato is a terrific instructor. I've learned important theories while being taught some simple methods needed to play guitar. I can actually call myself a musician now. He's easy to talk with and to learn from. And he's just a really good person to get to know.
- Ken Schmidt

Michael Kato has gone far beyond my previous music teachers in that he takes the time and energy to teach beyond the songs to the underlying music and technicalities of each song. This makes for a much more fulfilling, interesting, and overall better lesson. He is understanding, patient, skilled, and a general nice guy. I am proud to call him my teacher.
- Bobby Hamnett

Michael's teachings have expanded my musical horizons, and also helped me to grow as an all-around person. Taking guitar classes from Michael has given me a life-long hobby that I'll never grow tired of. Not only have I learned to play the guitar from Mike, I've also learned to appreciate other musicians and other kinds of music. I never felt pressured or intimidated by Mike even though he is highly skilled. He is a very patient, encouraging, and understanding teacher.
- Brandon Ing

I have struggled through guitar and music classes with other teachers in the past, and found my myself so discouraged, believing that my understanding of music was impossible. Michael has opened my eyes and has replenished my desire to continue learning. He creates a comfortable learning pace suitable for my needs. I am grateful for his encouragement to strive for success and playing great music. Michael's ability to teach his students at a personal level is what makes him an outstanding teacher.
- Tini Grey

Very patient and caring. Very thorough in instruction and adjusts the lessons to fit your learning pace and style. Willing to go the extra mile to help students learn. Knowledgeable in all areas of music.
- Takyin M Li

Mike's teaching is straightforward for this novice player. He covers the basics so to understand the relationships between scales, chords and the individual guitar student's talents.
- Lionel Macion

Having taken one of Michael Kato's guitar classes I can honestly say that he is an excellent teacher. He is very patient, explains the subject clearly and makes the classes so enjoyable and relaxing. You will love learning guitar from him!
- Diane Hino

Michael is knowledgeable yet patient and has professional experience as a guitar player. As a teacher, he meets the student at her or his own level and can break concepts down into understandable components. Michael's enthusiasm and love of the guitar make learning the guitar an enjoyable experience.
- Cody Minatodani

I never had such a patient instructor like Michael before. Before the first class, I thought "it's just another music class, But let's see how the instructor teaches". How sassy was I! After the couple of lessons, my fingers couldn't help practicing at least once a day. With the patience and help of Michael, I started to love practicing a musical instrument for first time in my life. Michael helps beginner-students to understand the basic theory and encourage them to play in such a relaxed atmosphere. Thank you for finding and believing in musicians in your students.
- Jun Nakamura

After playing guitar for 15 years, I took a class with Mike Kato. In this one night I learned the possibilities of 'scales' --how with just one scale you can actually play about a hundred songs! Mike is an excellent player and an excellent teacher. He really has talent; I can only aspire to what he can do and teach.
- Richard Patacsil

As a beginning guitar student, i studied under michael kato for a little over one year. as a beginning guitar student, i gained a tremendous amount of learning and found that michael is a very patient and understanding teacher. michael taught me not only how to play but i learned about the instrument itself; how to tune a guitar, how to restring a guitar, how the weather affects the sound, the proper method of changing the pegs, etc. in addition, i was taught how to read notes, the difference in the type of notes, etc.
- John Heatherman